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    Music conversion
    Hi all,

    I am trying to convert my "locked" itunes purchased audio files to shareable formats (.mp3) as well as extract music from my iphone. Does anyone know a good software to do everything. I can find programs that do it individually but I only want to purchase 1. I know this is a mac forum, but I am hoping to find one that runs on XP so I can do this stuff at work.


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    As far as I know, that is not possible, and anyone who says "yeah email it to me and i'll email it back as an mp3" is probably messing with you.

    You can burn the track to audio CD, then rip it back onto your iTunes as an mp3, that will get around the protection.

    If you're after a good download site for cheap mp3s (unprotected) mp3fiesta is pretty awesome

    Hope this helps

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    Thank Dave,

    I have a program called "Magic M4A to MP3 converter" which works to convert the files.

    And I have a program call "TouchCopy" which allows me to pull music files off my iphone/ipod.

    The problem is that both are XP, and demos. They each cost 20 bucks, and is kinda clunky having to use both. I am searching for a program either XP or OSX to read the iphone, have the abilty to convert audio files, and possibly video formats. Kinda a "black market" itunes, that can do everything itunes can't. And I'll even pay a reasonable price for it.

    Please if anyone knows of this, spread the word.

    -newly converted mac user, but XP user at the office :-(

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