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    I just got my macbook in today and i got a 160gb external hard drive. I dont want to store any music on my comps hd so is there a way that i can get the default itunes to search directly in my external hard drive for the itunes library? I dont want to run itunes off of the hard drive i just want to store the music itself and have the app running on my comp

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    Hold "option" while launching iTunes. You'll have an option to choose the library you want to use.
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    The easiest way to do what you want is to move your music to the new drive. Open I tunes, select all the tracks and hit delete. When the library is empty Add the songs back to iTunes from the external drive.

    Make sure you turn off the option to copy the music to the iTunes folder on your boot drive first though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulwar
    Hold "option" while launching iTunes. You'll have an option to choose the library you want to use.
    Actually, it will prompt him to select or create a Library. Since he only has one right now, it makes no sense to do this.

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    Can't you specify the location where itunes gets your music from in preferences?

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