Hi guys,

I was wondering if i could have some peoples advice.

I currently use a macbook pro with a 100 gig 7200 rpm Hard Disk, i use it for music production using logic 8.

Im finding that with the amount of the work i'm currently doing (especially now i've started working on soundtracks for animations), my hard disk has gotten very full very quickly.

Im thinking of upgrading it to a much bigger (but slower) hard-disk for eg the 250 GIG 5400 RPM drive / or 300 GIG 4200 RPM drive.

Does anyone know if i will lose alot on performance with the slower RPM as i use alot of samples / audio and videos from the hard-disk simultaniously, and currently the system is INCREDIBLE fast and i have no problems at all.

If any has any info of this then it would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards