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    Adding sounds
    I wanted to add a sound to my macbook. There is a phrase used in a movie I saw that I wanted to add when I get new mail. I'm sure most of you know I'm referring to the movie Eurotrip. Anyways how can I get that on my macbook? Any suggestions?

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    Make it a sound clip, then go to Mail, preferences. In the general tab, hit New Mail Notification drop down menu. Then click on Add remove and add your sound in.

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    Adding sounds
    I also wanted to add some sounds to my system sounds on OS-X (10.4) and found it to be slightly more difficult than the older OS-9 and earlier systems.

    In the "old days" the Mac made it extremely easy to add new sounds and associate them with events.

    To do it now, you need to convert the sound to an AIFF format and then deposit it into the folder located at <your machine name><your hard disk name><System><Library><Sounds>.

    In what ever application that you are using, you should see the newly added sound listed when you select a sound to use.

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    I will download and try.tnx a lot....

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