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Thread: Transmitting iTunes

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    Transmitting iTunes
    I live in a rural area where there is very limited FM radio coverage. As a result I cannot listen to much in the way of radio music. Enter my eMac with its large repertoire of music, which I'd like to transmit to other parts of my home, even out to my workshop.

    Research to date, and queries to other forums suggest these options:
    1. Airport Express with Airtunes
    2. An FM transmitter connected to the audio-out of the eMac
    3. The AW1 wireless transmitter/receiver.

    The second option is preferred, because I can use my several FM receivers to amplify the signal, but I'm told the sound production and transmission range are not good.

    Further hints and suggestions please.

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    transmitting out to your workshop would be hard with a FM transmitter. They don't even really work well for me even in my car 100% of the time. I'd use the airport express plan. but then you might need more than one to hook up to each set of speakers... not exactly sure how they work.
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    buy an ipod with an fm transmitter and put all the music you want on to that, use it wherever you want then
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