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Thread: Anyone podcast?

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    Anyone podcast?
    First off, does iMac have a built in mic you could use for that? Also, tho maybe I should look more thoroughly, is there a spot for a mic on the back of the imac, I can't find my spec sheet & on the site I don't see it.

    Has anyone created a pod cast? I want to do some with my own music & make them available for download. Also, is there any issue with making music available to the public for download in a podcast? I am not out to break the so called law.

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    Not familiar with you iMac, but there should be a plug for a mike in somewhere there i would think.

    As for a mike for recording, you will need a fairly decent semi pro type mike in order to get a good quality recording. The old cheapie $20 ones will give you lots of problems and lousy quality.

    As for a podcast it is really nothing more than a usually large mp3 file. For example my podcast is a 1 hour music/talk show that is usually about 78 megs. To do that you can use a good audio editor program like Amadeus and record both voice and music through it.

    As for legal... if it is your own music you can release it to the public for general use with no problem. Lots of artists do it using what is called Creative Commons license, which means the public is allowed to use it, copy it, etc, for most things other than commercial use. You might try submitting it to a website like where it would get a wide audience.
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