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    Question Programs used to rip audio from video?
    Hey, I've been trying to find software (preferably free) that can rip audio from mp4 video files. A friend of mine sent me a video, and I want the song that is playing in the backgrnd.

    I know programs that work on Windows, but now I have a macbook pro and I can't seem to find any programs that work with os X. Does anyone know of any?

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    u can rip audio from a video file in garageband...not sure of which video formats it will support...if it won't load the mp4, then load it into iMovie into a new project and click Publish>Media Browser, then u should be able to load it into garageband and delete the movie track and then click Publish>iTunes from garageband...

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    garageband won't load mp4's and I can't get the movie into garageband following your method... any other ideas?

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    Try FFMpegX

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    Wiretap is a program that I use. Its great and you can tap any audio that is playing out of your speakers. Its great. Hope that I can help. usually has a lot of "shareware". Its category specific and OS specific so finding utilities like that is a sinch.
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    Audio Hijack works great as well... I've been using it for ages without any problems. It can rip audio from anything that comes out of your speakers.

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    Wiretap is a really nice tool. Thanks you guys.

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    If you have QuickTime Player X (already on recent Macs) do the following.

    1. Open the video using QuickTime Player X
    2. From the File menu choose Export
    3. In the next Window name the file and use the export format drop down to set format to Audio Only.

    I also find MPEG Streamclip extremely easy to use for this and it is free as well.

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