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Thread: Prolem with garageband/mac

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    Prolem with garageband/mac
    I bought a macbook a couple of days ago to record guitar, vocals and bass on garageband. Unfortunately when I am recording on garageband now there is no input. I have connected my guitar into an amp and a mic into an audiofille (m-audio) I am not sure if the mic is a preamp mic (it is a sennheiser e835) though I would have thought that even if it wasn't an amplified mic the mac would pick up something. The internal mic has been working but its not up to the quality I need obviously. Anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Complete begginer and any advice would be appreciated.

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    Has anybody any idea if I am doing something wrong? I have no earphones that fit into the Audiophile so at the moment I am listening to what I have played just using the in built speakers. This works fine when my input is also the in built mic but when I try to record using audiophile there is no visual recognition of what I am playing on the screen in garageband as there would be if I was recording just simply using in built mic. Even when I simply try and record my voice using audiophile as the input it doesn't work. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Earlier today I had borrowed headphones and had the aphile as my input and output but again it wasn't reading what I was playing on the screen on garageband or likewise there was nothing coming out of the 1/4 inch headphones. If I just record using in built mic as my input then i could visually see garageband picking up my voice for instance. This isn't the case when I have aphile as my input. Anyone any ideas? Not sure what the problem could be

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    have you selected the input in garageband preferences?

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