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    Inserting audio file into Powerpoint
    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong forum - wasn't sure if should go here or under software.

    Anyway, my problem is this: I'm trying to insert snippet of a mp3 file into a Powerpoint slide for an author presentation I'm doing (anything to keep the kids awake :-) and I finally managed to get the exact part of the Who song I wanted cut and saved in Garage Band but now every time I go into Powerpoint and use: Insert /movies and sounds/Sounds from File Powerpoint hangs and I have to Force Quit.

    *bangs head against wall*

    Has anyone else had this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a secret to getting around it?

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    have you tries a wav file - I think iTunes can convert

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    Problem is, it doesn't even get to the point of choosing which type of file - Powerpoint hangs before I even get to choose any kind of file! V. frustrating...

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    You could always try saving the Powerpoint, then inserting it into iMovie and putting the song in the background...Very easy to do and works fine. The only problem is that the song might play throughout the entire Powerpoint...
    If you just wanted the song for one or two slides in the Powerpoint you might be SOL. =/

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