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djdasanga 04-29-2008 12:03 AM

Beats N Loops 4 Muzik
Im an artist, trying to create my own music (beats, loops,....etc) but I wanted 2 know what is the best or most widely used music software for mac, that is easy to use but has great quality, any suggestions ??

Your help N advice is greatly appreciated !!

jealieuk 04-29-2008 05:48 PM

Start of messing around with garageband, and perhaps move on to Reason or Frooty Loops, and if you get a lot more serious, then Logic or Ableton Live.
Garageband is the only free one, good music programs are generally quite expensive.

I assume i'm not allowed to reccomend pirate/cracked software on these forums?

^ If that is the case then the pirates are all very bad and will come and steal your soul.
Or something.


audiomedia808 04-30-2008 05:25 PM

Garageband is a good program if your just messing around with loops. If you wanna upgrade, I would recommend soundtrack(because it has a loop editor where you can make your own loops) or Ableton Live.

djdasanga 05-02-2008 02:07 PM

I 4got to mention that i have already worked with Garageband and while it has an ease of use, it just doesnt create or have the standards that I am looking for...

audiomedia808 05-02-2008 06:53 PM

Try downloading the demo for Ableton Live.

djdasanga 05-27-2008 04:37 PM

Ableton Live & Reason seem too complicated, and I dont think there is a Fruity Loops for Mac, and soundtrack doesnt seem to fit me, is there anything else that I can try ???

darkmelody 05-28-2008 09:40 AM

so GB is too simple but Ableton is too complicated? Hmmm sounds like you want something that is actually going to do the work for you.

Village Idiot 05-28-2008 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by darkmelody (Post 663294)
so GB is too simple but Ableton is too complicated? Hmmm sounds like you want something that is actually going to do the work for you.

Really. I was going to say Logic but it can be one complicated SOB.

Thedspeth 05-28-2008 02:35 PM

ableton is the only way to go IMHO... If it's too complicated for you the I don't know how you are going to create something to "the standards you are looking for"...

If you take a couple of hours to go through the tutorials and watch some youtube videos you'll catch on pretty quick.

toddbumpa 05-30-2008 06:15 AM

try reason.....then rewire it to ableton. no matter what you chose, there's a pretty big learning curve if you're looking to produce quality, original music and are new to the home studio genre.

your mac is an awesome tool, but it cant do all the work for you......

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