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    Red face having trouble recording my microKorg in garageband
    hey, i can't seem to record any of my keyboard's sounds on to an audio track in garageband. i've hooked up a microkorg to a macbook pro via the UNO usb-midi interface, as well as plugged a 1/4" cable from my korg's audio output (mono) to an m-audio mobilePre preamp . this allowed me to finally hear the korg's rad sounds (instead of garageband's mickey mouse defaults) once i plugged in some speakers into the pre-amp .

    so . . i had then adjusted the GB audio input + output preferences to the MoblePre and pressed record on a plain GB audio track (real instrument), but the sweet sounds from the korg are not there when I play it back ! just a straight line on the track. it looks like GB is registering when i play the keyboard though, as i can see a small blue light appear on the LCD clock as i press the keys.

    i'm pretty sure i've set up everything correctly, but perhaps i am setting up the audio or cables wrong or need another component to properly record into garageband ? ?

    i would be absolutely thrilled if someone could lend their knowledge to my boggled
    brain . also, i'm planning on using ableton and reason soon + hope it is not this
    difficult to record keyboards etc with ! !

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    try plugin in straight into the mic input of your computer from the mom out of the Korg. i used to use a pre-amp to record my stuff into GB but that always created more problems then anything, like an annoying middle man in other words. So I just got an adapter and just been recording my MC505, guitars, and bass tracks like that.

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    Nesenple quickly
    First plug into microphone port,

    You don't need midi cables, that's only to play sounds that garage band has.

    You have to go to preferences, audio midi, change audio input to built-in input.

    I've been having this problem forever, and I just figured it out.

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