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    How best can I Edit this file???
    Hey peeps...

    I have an audio file (a lecture) that needs to be edited and filtered for noise distortions. It was recorded with a clip-on mic and an olympus digital voice recorder.

    Thing is, I have done what editing my newbie skills will allow, but I want to know if it can be done better (I'm sure it can.) Particularly there's this humming/buzz/static type sound that is constant almost throughout the lecture. Is there any1 here who would please be kind enough to have a look at this file and school me on how best I could have edited this file. If you indicate here I can email you a part of the lecture.

    Thanks for your help all.

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    If you want to try your hand at something that's free take a look at Audacity:
    My blog about my move from Windows to Mac:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dalison View Post
    If you want to try your hand at something that's free take a look at Audacity:
    Hi dalison, It's not so much using a free prog. But knowing how to use it adequately, which is what I lack. And while I have begun the learning curve, but I need to get this editing done ASAP and as good as possible. and my learning curve time wont allow this to wait.

    So any other suggestions? Like do you know an editing guru i can talk to? lol.

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    I've done similar things with another editing package on another OS (I won't sully this forum by mentioning what it was though). It's pretty tricky to clean up those bad digital recordings. I had a PocketPC that seemed to have some sort of running clicking and timer sounds as well as hum and bad frequency spikes. I used the parametric EQ with some success. If you're editing package has that feature go in there and see if you can set the frequency dial of one on the bands on a spot and knock it down. Actually, you do it in the reverse... drop the volume on a band and start sweeping the frequency knob across the spectrum until you hear the recording suddenly get more listenable. We're talking about cutting out stuff here so it will likely make the voice sound not so good so it becomes a trade off--how much less noise vs. how unnatural the voice sounds.

    Also, if there's some sort of shelving eq like a simple graphic one, knock down all the frequencies below say 124 hz. Most people don't talk down there and that can kill a lot of noise and low frequency hums and stuff.

    Good luck though, you've got your work cut out for you.

    This is an important lesson in audio, that is, the most crucial thing is to capture the sound in a pristine and accurate way because if the source is bad, no amount of fixing later (in the mix) will help.

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    I am not an audio guru, unfortunately, but I did just watch something that might be of use to you. It's a little campy at first, but once it gets to it, it shows you how to get rid of background noise like a hum or whatever.

    If it doesn't help it's only 6 min. of your life

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    Same as ebay.... just mess with the frequencies. I get alot of those that people want me to "restore". Just experiment with tweaking the freqs. It won't come out perfect but do whatever you can.

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    Have you got it all sorted out, or still need some hands on help?

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