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    I've got a Macbook Pro and I used to have Macbook. Now I've got problems with rewinding songs in Itunes as there is no hot key on the keyboard. Instead I have keyboard illumination hot keys. Is it possible to customize them and set to rewinding?
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    on the macbook pro there are the F7-f12 keys that adjust audio controls. F7 is remind and F9 is skip and fast forward.

    Hope that helps
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    i've got another keys instead. F1/2 - brightness, F3/4/5 - volume control, F6 - num lock, F7 - expose, F8/9/10 - illumination options, F11/12 - nothing. I've got Macbook Pro 3,1 Meron.
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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    never mind, I wasn't reading fully this morning yet.
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