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    Voice Decoder Program?
    i'm wondering if anyone knows of any voice decoder programs that are currently available?

    im wanting to create some radio promo ads but would like a certain voice effect....think of Monster Truck Racing promos..."Tickets only $14. BEEEEE THERRRRRRRE!!!!!" (in God like voice.)

    any ideas?

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    You mean effects?

    Try Garageband. You can add all sorts of vocal effects... including reverb, echo, frequency shifts etc.

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    Naw, GB isn't the answer. That effect you're talking about is a performer. We've got one in our town and his voice is soooo low. I can kind of do it but I'm a baritone. You just take a bunch of Opera lessons and learn how to get the rattle in your fundamental tone and then train your falsetto so that it's tight. The combination makes for the rich tone. Then you just purposely go low and sputtery; it's a little like a belch or a purring thing. You get a mic like an EV RE20 and put some compression on it into a good preamp and voila, you're the voice of the underworld.

    Oh, yeah, that sound also has to do with age. Now that I'm 50, I'm able to pull it off (somewhat). If you're a young guy, forget about it. Sorry, that's just the way it is. And don't feel bad, there's a reason these guys are making bucks doing this and it's because it's a one in a million thing.

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