Hey all.

I have a MacBook Pro, and I am really starting to get into GarageBand.
I also have a MIDI piano: Its a Yamaha Clavinova CVP-92/94

I looked up how to connect to my computer, and I bought a USB MIDI interface (Midisport Uno).
After I connected everything and installed all the necessary drivers, the computer recognizes the piano, but I can't get it to play music in GarageBand.
I ran Audio/MIDI setup and messed with Preferences in GarageBand but I still can't seem to get it to work =[

There is nothing about this subject in the Piano's User Manual.

I am aware of a "TO HOST" plug on the back of my Yamaha that is supposed to be used for this purpose, but is there anyway I can just use the USB MIDI interface I already bought?
If anyone was ANY suggestions, I would greatly like to hear them.