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    iTunes - can't get album artwork!
    Hi there - this is my first post on here so please be gentle! I am the very new and proud owner of a MacBook and ipod touch - purchased this week. This is my second iPod, but first time I've ever had a mac (finally made the switch from PC). I've got a lot to learn, but the first thing that I'm having difficulty with is iTunes. I've put about 50 CD's on so far. When I go to 'Advanced' and 'Get album artwork' (can't remember the exact wording as I'm back on a PC now), it scans through all the albums quickly and a box pops up saying that 'Artwork for some albums is not available'. When I flick through them they are all still blank. My only choice is to click ok and they just stay blank.

    I'm doing this while signed into an active account with iTunes. The CD's are mostly off the shelf.

    Can anyone suggest what I might be doing incorrectly? As I said, I'm brand new to mac so please be gentle!

    Many thanks.

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    Yeah, you click OK and the one it has artwork for it puts it in for those. There are some albums that iTunes doesn't have the artwork for (usually albums that aren't in the iTunes store). Just hit OK and then find the ones that are still without artwork and get the artwork manually through like Google Images or something like that.

    There are also dashboard widgets that can help you out, but I haven't used any of those. I know someone here has that can tell you about those.
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    That's brilliant. thanks. Will give it a go tonight!

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    I'd recommend you have a look through dougsscripts:

    There are lots of little tools for making life easier with iTunes.

    This one lets you download missing artwork via google's image search:

    This one removes characters from the front and back of, say numbered song names:

    Script for Capializing tags:

    They come with installation instructions etc.

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    I have the Amazon Art widget on my Power Mac and it works great.
    Download that.
    Oh hey!

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    I've sorted it out! Turns out i hadn't synced the iPod to iTunes correcty - don't ask how as I haven't a clue! Once I did this, I asked to get artwork again and it worked! I got MOST of them, but a fair few titles are still blank, so using your helpful advice, I will try to get the remaining blank titles. Thanks so much for your help.

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