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    Record radio streams
    Help me here folks. This could be the straw that broke the camels back.
    I am new to Apple and have just purchased an iMAc. I have 4 days left if I want to return it. I have quite a few Windows programs I need, so I have installed Fusion but I would eventually like to "move over to the other side" as much as possible.
    I do have a problem though with radio stream recording. On my PC I use Audacity and I have it now on the iMac BUT my PC sound card (Audigy) can record "what u hear". I really want to do this on the Mac but can't find much. I have read reports about Audio hi-jack and wire tap pro but people seem to think they are very buggy.
    Does anyone have any experience or recommendations?


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    Wire Tap Pro is not buggy. I have used it for about 3 years to record what ever sound comes through my Mac and it works just fine. There is another program called Radio Lover that also works just great for recording streams from internet radio. Just start it up and leave and when you come back all the music is there waiting, each song in it's own folder.
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    I use PandoraJam to record streaming audio from Pandora stations - works pretty well and is a regularly updated application.

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