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    Having trouble downloading mp3s from website
    hi all,

    i'm new to mac and having some issues downloading mp3s from my own website. here's the story.

    i am a musician and i am currently working on creating a website where people can download my music for free in mp3 format. while testing links the other day on my PC i had no problems downloading the mp3's from my music page. i'd simply click on the link and a window would pop up saying "open with..." or "save as...". ok, no sweat. but when i tried it on my Mac, no window came up but instead quicktime opened and played the mp3 as a audio/mpeg object which i can only download if i upgrade to quicktime pro. not cool.

    while still using the mac, i then tried clicking on my mp3 links on my soundclick and myspace sites but instead of launching quicktime a window came up with the "open with.."/save as..." prompt like i wanted.

    now, my question is this. how do i get my mac to respond to the mp3 download procedure on my website the same way it does on the myspace and soundclick sites? i know for a fact that i uploaded mp3s and i want mac users to be able to download them just as easily as PC users. any help would be appreciated!


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    Instead of clicking on the file to open it in quicktime, try right clicking it or the link, that should give you the option to "save link as".

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    i use a laptop so how do i right click on something? do i press the open apple or shift or something?


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    crtl click. If a newer mac then 2 finger click.
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