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    Getting into Audio Editing
    Hey, Ive recently got a macbook pro. Ive been using it mainly for...well...everything...a little bit of photoshop, image editing, made a couple dvds, made a couple video projects, etc...

    I have always been a techno fan, if youd make me choose one artist I would probably go with Benny Benassi. I have always wanted to get into making my own techno songs but never seriously looked into anything related to that field since I did not have much time on my hands. Now that im in college ive got more time availiable (funny how that goes, eh ?) and am wanting to get into making my own techno songs.

    I have no idea where to start, what I need to buy, im guessing an external sound card, and a half decent set of speakers...but what else ? Can I get a recommendation on what gear to buy, what I would need to get started, what programs to use (Ive pretty much heard that Logic 8 is the thing to use?). If anyone has any video tutorials about...just anything...

    Im pretty much starting from zero and could use all the help I can get...thanks alot...

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    From what I understand the pro is already a very powerful computer, and considering I can edit music pretty easily on my girlfriend's G4 powerbook, you really don't need any external sound card. If you're just starting, why not try making some songs on Garageband and see how far you get? You can edit MIDI easily and there are plenty of effects and such to choose from. Then, if you start getting really serious about it you could upgrade to Logic, since Garageband projects can be opened and edited in Logic. I have Logic Express as well as Garageband and personally, I've found myself using Garageband more just for the simplicity. As for speakers, you could shell out the money for studio monitors and possibly a preamp, or you could just hook your computer up to a stereo through the headphone jack.

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    if you are into techno then I would go with Ableton Live as your DAW (digital audio workstation) instead of Logic or Pro Tools. It has the same high quality sounds, but it is a little bit easier to do "loops" and such.

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    I use my MacBook Pro to write electronic songs for movies, so I know exactly where you're coming from. You need to start of with Garageband, buy a $100 USB Midi controller from M-Audio, and some $100 speakers from M-Audio (Studiopro 3's). They make really good sturdy stuff at insanely low prices. Start off with that and once you feel you've mastered that all you need to get is the Garageband Jam Pack...don't spend a whole lot of money on Logic or any of that mess, Garageband works great.

    Hope that helped!

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    yeah... if u like Benny Benassi , there is a compilation series you should check out called "Euro Club Hits" --

    it's pretty clear that dance music is coming back around the world -- just check the recent big American hip-hop and R&B hits which are clear rip-offs of the european dance style.....

    here's the direct iTunes link to the "Euro Club Hits" series.....

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    GB is adequate for doing looping projects. I'm working a few just to prove it can be done. They're sounding pretty good. I wish that changing the master track level would affect my envelopes but hey, what do you want for nothin'?

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    I would recommend Ableton Live. It's great for loops and really easy to learn.

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    I'm also getting into audio/music creation, and using it as one of several excuses to finally switch to mac. Still haven't purchased a system yet. Thinking a mid-range G5 might fit in my price range. As mentioned above, you don't need the highest end system to work with audio. However, if you want to employ a midi controller device (for use with VSTs and computer synths, etc) you'll need to find a sound card with the proper interface.

    In school we used protools (for film sound editing/mixing) on mac, but at home I've been playing around with Reason and Cubase of my PC. Both work on mac, so I'll probably stick with them for awhile. I've heard good things about Ableton, though I hear its gear more towards live performance--hence the name.

    (Please, anyone, feel free to correct me. I'm a n00b too.)

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    I am also pretty new into this stuff. I was wondering if anybody knew of anywhere where one could download instrumentals/ only vocals, sports radio commentary, or anything in between. please let me know @ my e-mail or just post it.

    Thanks a lot

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