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    Converting 'normal' MP3 files to iTunes Podcast files?
    I have found this incredibly annoying for a little while and have spent quite a bit of time looking for a solution but I can't find anything. I have a few MP3 files which are not music, they're spoken word -- audio interviews, etc -- and therefore I'd like for them to be organised in the Podcast section of iTunes and my iPhone, but I can't figure out how to change the file to let iTunes recognise it as a Podcast. I've found plenty of literature online about doing it the other way around; changing a Podcast file to a 'normal' MP3, but not for what I'm looking to do.

    It's picky, but I don't like the files showing up as music. I know I could just create a playlist for them but they'll still be listed as music files, which they are not.

    Stupid iTunes limitations!

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    Well I don't know about turning it into a podcast, but it's pretty simple to turn it into an audiobook. So it'll be placed in the Audiobook section, not the Podcast section.

    First, convert the file to aac.

    Then download this script from and run it on the selected file.

    (It appears doug's site is down right now, so maybe check tomorrow if it's up again)

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