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    iTunes Tricks by GBMA
    iTunes by Gbma

    Just thought I'd do this one. For kicks. And then I thought I'd post it here as well. Might help a n00b or two.

    To delete tracks:
    From a playlist:

    From a playlist as well as library:

    When the dialog box appears to delete a file:
    Cancel (⌘+C) | Keep File (⌘+K) | Move to Trash (⌘+M)

    If you are command+Tabbing your way through, and you reach iTunes but the main window is closed:

    Fullscreen Coverflow:
    Most know about this feature but rarely use it. Try it out. Just as a habit hit ⌘+F while in iTunes. Just make sure your album art is of a good resolution though.

    To search:
    Cmd+F brings up the fullscreen coverflow. The only way I have found is to tab. And I've always found it to be not more than two tabs away.

    To make only one track play:
    If you are playing a track but want iTunes to stop playing after that track: Just search for gibberish in the search bar so that nothing is shown in the window. After the track is completed playing, iTunes will stop.

    To make two tracks play:
    If you want just two tracks to play, and you have already started playing the first one. ⌘+Click the "checkmark" button to unselect all tracks. Then check the current and next track. Don't do this if you have random tracks unchecked in your library.

    To add audiobooks:
    You will find that even if you set the genre of an AAC file to "Audiobook" it still doesn't list in the audiobooks section. What you need to do is, open the file in Finder, rename the AAC file from .m4a to .m4b and then reimport it into iTunes. It will automatically go to Audiobooks.

    These are all out of my head. I would be grateful if someone would correct me in any of these.

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    Thank you goobimama very good of you. I wonder can you help me with my post in the same section. Im having problems organizing my albums.

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