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    CD burning software that supports enhanced CD with mpeg
    I am a video games composer and have recently finished a game showreel - games footage accompanied by my music.

    I am looking to burn an 'Enhanced CD' containing both 7 audio tracks (original wav quality), which will play in a standard cd player, along with the actual video file (an mpeg 1) containing the main showreel.

    I have Toast 8 but the enhanced CD facility does not seem to support my mpeg 1 format. What software is available that will do all of the above.

    Incidentally I need the video file to be compatible on both Macs and PC's for posting out. I've found mpeg 1 the most universal to date and the quality is sufficient.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Try 'VCD and MPEG Tools' .

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    You could also try the open source Burn

    See the FAQ link for help in burning a mixed disk

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