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    Can't import .MPG file into iDVD 4
    I have encoded a video file to a DVD compliant MPEG-2 NTSC .mpg file (using AVS Video Converter for the PC). I would like to use iDVD 4 on my mac to create the menu, but it won't allow me to import the file. Says "invalid video".

    Can you only import QuickTime MOV files into iDVD? I would have thought standard MPEG2 files would easily be dragged into a DVD application.

    I am looking for an MPEG-2 codec, in case that's the problem (thought one would have been included with iDVD?), but am having trouble finding one.

    I feel sure it is possible - any ideas much appreciated

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    I think you will need to either purchase Apple's QuickTime 6 MPEG-2 Playback Component (see or use a 3rd party converter such as ffmpeg to convert to a format that your installed QuickTime can understand.

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    Time Clock Jim
    Can iDVD be fooled?
    Isn't the issue wther a DVD player can read the .mpg file or not? My Mintek will read any mpg file I have found to feed it, so really wether iDVD software can read it via Quick Time seems like a minor roadblock.

    *side note - I watch all my video with VLC for OS X, it seems to work on everything, while Quick Time seems to read only 10% (if that) of commonly downloadable mpg/avi(xvid/divx) files.

    So here's my question - what if I find some placeholder mpg files that the Quick Time software seems to be able to read, and build my DVD using them, with menus etc, then as a last step before I burn my DVD I swap out the placeholder mpg files and insert the ones that I really want to have (keeping all the file names the same).

    So For example I get several episodes of Time Cop off usenet newsgroups, they won't play using Quick Time, but I build my DVD with placeholder videos, then insert the usenet mpg (manually) files once the DVD has been set up.

    Think that would work? That might work for you too, thendis.. (?)

    Time Clock Jim

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