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    Jumpy slide show pans in iMovie
    I'm creating a slide show in iMovie then exporting it to iDVD to burn to disc, I have used the internal 'ken burns effects' to pan and move the shots and used some transpose effects to link the images.

    It runs smoothly in iMovie but when I burn to DVD the shots judder and don't run smoothly which is a pretty disappointing result, is there any thing I can do to stop this?

    It's like it has missed a few frames out in each transition and makes it look jumpy.

    I have upped the frames per minute to 28 to no effect any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just a guess but......

    Too low a resolution photos?
    Ken Burns effect being applied over too short a time?

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    Make The motion in the ken burn's may be too much, particularly with zooming. I've done this several times, with no problem. I prefer to use iPhoto, then make the ken-burn's effects custom, then export to iMovie, add music, titles, video clips, etc., then export the whole thing to iDVD. Haven't had a problem with doing it this way.

    I have some examples on my website in my signature.


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