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    JVC Everio GZ HD7/Macbookpro.. problem.

    So I got my new JVC the other day. Shot some small clips to try it out.
    I shot the clips in 1440 CBR. I have quicktime pro. There is also some mpeg2 codec that i can also download for a fee. I also installed the program that came with the camcorder for quicktime.

    So I hook up the camcorder to power, then hook it up to my mac via the USB cable. Then Turn it on. On the Camcorders screen it says "Playback on PC" Which in the manual it says to click for playback/copying to your HD so you can edit. So i click that. The Icon pops up on my desktop, and iPhoto opens wanting to copy any photos that I've take on my camcorder to my HD. I click on "everio_HDD" then open up "SD_video" i then click on "PRG002" and all I have inside are;


    There are no .MOD files visible, is this because I dont have the .MPEG2 codec downloaded ? In this video ( ) it shows the .MOD icos above the MOI's and TOD's. Im not sure what the MOIs and TODs are so yeah.

    I watched this video ( ) but i dont have a firewire cable so I think i need that to make that process work.

    I hope that somebody can help me with my plight.

    Thank you very much.

    Ps, i have used the search function and havent been able to answer my question.

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    It has been my experience in the past, with various camcorders that the USB cable is strictly used for accessing data stored on the memory card (Still images), not for transferring video.

    I have always had to have a firewire cable in order to transfer video.

    I am actually looking at buying a JVC GZ-HD7 myself, I have read tons of conflicting informations but, the bottom line is it can be done.

    Hopefully this helps a little.

    Also take a look at this:

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    I have the same camera and computer. What I pull over from the camera via USB are the TOD files. I then open those in QT and convert them to h.264 files.

    *edit* sorry thats what I do for SD and Full HD. I haven't shot in 1440.

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    Ghouldrool is right. The .MOD files are on a standard definition JVC Everio, the .TOD are on the High Def models of the Everio.

    You can do the same with the .tod as the .mod. You've got all the right steps.


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