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Thread: Europe Can't help! Can The USA help!!

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    Europe Can't help! Can The USA help!!
    Hi. I am a Photographer by trade and have had a Mac Book Pro with 23Ē screen for some months now. I am using keynotes for photographic presentations of Businesses and wedding photography but when in keynotes everything is clean and sharp after any toches made in adobe photo shop etc. When the 75 pages in key notes are sent to iDVD the image quality is horrific also in quick time the same about 50% image loss. I am burning CDís with Toast titanium 8. I have in keynotes tried all the sizes of the presentations, I have tried different image file formats, I have tried H.264 and all the other formats and compressions etc but the end result is always the same which I canít give to my clients. I have finished a job for a company in Keynotes and the Hiperlinks to different pages within keynotes are not respected!. I have seen to technicians for macintosh and they tell me that I need to buy ďMotionĒ which is now in the Final cut pro package and will cost an arm and a leg without really knowing if this is going to sort out my problems and all the apple help centre does after a 30 minute wait is pass you from one person to another. Is Mac really just for using with adobe in design etc!. I am writing this in the hope that someone can answer from the States because over here itís just a nightmare and I donít really want to go back to PC but I canít have clients work held up either, can some please give me some input or experiences they have had. Many Thanks and a Happy Xmas to all as itís around the corner!!.

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    Hmm. Thing is, when you are rendering onto a 23" screen, the pixels will obviously look really sharp. That's cause it's 1920*1200 resolution. When you export to a DVD, it downsizes to 480i (720*480 interlaced) which is the maximum a DVD can offer.

    Your best bet would be a Quicktime movie at high resolution. You can pretty much make a quicktime movie at 1920*1200, only make sure your clients have a powerful enough system to play it. However, you can't expect it to go through complicated hyperlink procedures. external web links and such will be entertained by a quicktime container, but complicated moving through frames and such will obviously not be possible.

    Your third alternative is doing it with powerpoint, but that surely makes for some crappy presentations. This will play just as it does on the PC so you can just about send your clients a PPT file.

    As for "Motion", well, it is good for presentation, but I think it's output is limited to video, so again, no hyperlinks. I could be wrong though.

    If you can cook up a better solution on the PC, I'd be glad to hear it.

    I'm from India, not USA.

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    Hi Goobi.

    Thanks for your reply. If I have tried all the keynote sizes then this would have sorted the "Interlaced problem". I have also tried all of this on the Mac pro without the screen. In quicktime things are a little neater as far as Image quality goes but then It can not be seen on a Home DVD in the clients lounge and they must have QTime on the computer. I have not tried power point but then we are walking backwards to PC again!!. I have to see a guy this week who has Final cut pro in his power mac and see the results. it just seems crazy that you see Film editers using Mac's and the OS can't even produce quality images using it's own software, beats me!!. Thanks anyway for your help. India is a place I have always wanted to visit and photograph. A friend of mine in the UK is Indian and his mother is a great cook, Unlike some of the Indian resturants where the food is not always as Indian home cooking. Thanks again and all the best

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    If I have tried all the keynote sizes then this would have sorted the "Interlaced problem".
    Whatever quality settings you use, the final output will be interlaced by the DVD. That's just how it is.

    OS can't even produce quality images using it's own software, beats me!!.
    Thing is, you are imposing the limitations of the DVD onto the Mac OS. There is nothing that you can do to improve the quality of DVD. It may look fine for movies and such, but when you place a photograph + text, the output is guaranteed unsatisfactory on any platform.

    Exporting to Quicktime brings about perfect quality (at least on my end it does). Yes, you have to be at the PC to play this.

    As for your India trip, when you do come here, do make a stop here. My mom is quite a good cook.

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    Hi Goobi. OK I will try exporting from Keynote to Quick time and look for the best resolution possible, I presume that when this is finished it goes onto DVD o CD in Toast 8. Thanks again for all your help the India trip maybe in about 3 years as I want to stay at least 3 months and take in all of the culture. Thanks again.

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