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    video editing software for Mac Pro
    What other video editing software is there for my Mac Pro (dual core 2x2.66 Intel, 2Gb RAM, OSX Tiger) other than Final Cut Express? I'm running Final Cut Express 2 (actually that's a lie, I just removed it as it's so terrible).
    I have a constant stream of error messages (dropped frames, general error, inability to play audio in real time necessitating excessive rendering) that it is impossible to use the program.
    iMovie is not up to the job, I'm afraid.
    I've only just switched from PC to Mac and am dismayed at the lack of available software, and the general incompatibility between the different Macs and the few bits of software out there.
    I just need to do a bit of hobbyist video editing, nothing fancy. Surely there's some software out there that'll work with my Mac Pro?
    Oh yeah, I'm only editing low resolution MPEG files (I have to convert them to DV before FCE finds the sound)
    Help me before I buy another PC (I have a feeling this will happen)
    Magix Movie Edit Pro for PC was so cool and I miiiissss iiittt!

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    Isn't FCE 2 Power PC processor only? In other words, it is not meant to run on a Mac Intel box. Spend the $99 and buy the Final Cut Express HD Upgrade which is a universal (PPC & Intel) binary.

    Search the forum for "convert mpeg" and I'm sure you'll find a tool that makes it easy to get those odd files into something FCE likes. If you do it right, you will not have to re-render the audio either.

    Other companies that make video editing software for the Mac are Avid and Adobe.

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