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Thread: iMovie Problem...Please Help....Going Nuts

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    iMovie Problem...Please Help....Going Nuts
    I made a short video using snapz Pro screen capture software which saves as a .mov file I think.

    I imported it into imovie & added some titles.

    ok so far but.....the movie plays fine in imovie but when I export it, either to youtube or into the movies folder it plays only the titles and the audio but NO VIDEO!!

    Its exports as an .m4v file (I have no idea what this is) & I can't see any option for changing it.

    Am I doing something wrong or missing something as It's now driving me nuts!!

    Thanks all

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    I don't know but it sounds familiar, like it has been mentioned here before. Also when you refer to software, let people know what version(s) you are talking about. If Snapz Pro has some forums, you may try asking there too.

    I'm assuming that you used one of the export presets. I would try exporting via the QuickTime option. Yes you have to set everything up, but the bonus is if that works, you can fine tune things. Try saving as a H.264 format. Yea, there is some learning to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruki View Post
    Its exports as an .m4v file (I have no idea what this is) & I can't see any option for changing it.
    Bruki, .m4v or .MPEG4 is the default iPod video file format.

    iMovie may not work well with .m4v and the file may just need demuxing (separating the audio track from the video track)

    Basically you'll need to convert your file into something that iMovie can work with ....

    I just achieved this myself, using QuickTime ... just launched QT and went to:

    File ~> Open File

    Navigated to an m4v file .... then when the file is opened in a new window, in the Menubar go to:

    Window ~> Show Movie Properties
    When the Properties window opens you should see the Video Track and the Sound Track and both will have a tick in the Enabled column box. Select Video Track and click the Extract Button in the upper left hand corner.

    As you can see from this image, the m4v file is really just a *container*, holding two files: an H.624 file and an AAC file.

    So, clicking on the 'Extract' button will launch a new player window showing only the video track with no sound. Click on the Save As button in the File menu and name the file and choose where you want the file saved. Select "Save as a reference movie" and then click Save.

    Next go back to the Properties window and select the Sound Track and click the Extract button. You will see a movie window appear but it will only playback the Soundtrack of your movie so it will be a smaller sized player.

    Click on Save As and select "Save as a reference movie" and take note of the destination location ... I just save these to the Desktop.

    Next create your iMovie project and import the two files and drag them to the timeline and fingers X'd it should all be apples! If you have a problem importing the Audio part, try just dragging it directly from the Desktop onto the Timeline ... first though, you may need to click the 'Clock' button just to the left and above the Timeline before the file is accepted ...

    ~iMovie Import Tip~

    As you probably know it can take ages to import a movie into iMovie especially if the file is huge, so here's a shortcut to import the movie in a second:

    1. First of all you need to create an iMove Project and save it to the Desktop
    2. Right-Click the Project icon on the Desktop and choose "Show Package Contents"
    3. Double-click on the "Media Folder"
    4. Drag your file/s into the Media Folder window.
    5. Close the Media Folder, then close the Package Contents window
    6. Next, launch the Project and you will see a dialogue window alerting you to files that are in iMovies Trash.
    7. Be sure to select "View Trash"
    8. Drag the files you just imported, out of the Trash and onto the Project window. ( I found I could only drag the Audio file onto the Timeline )
    9. Hit Play

    Be warned that although doing it this way cuts the import time by 99.9%, you are using the original file and not an imported copy.

    If you delete the files from the iMovie project or empty iMovies Trash the file is gone!

    But in your case Bruki, you would still have the original .m4v file intact as you used the "Save As" option which leaves the original file/s intact.


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    Thats Fantastic thank you so much for your help

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    You're most welcome, Bruki ;p

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