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    panasonic mini-dv camcorder usb driver for mac
    Can anyone tell me how on earth I can get my raw video to my computer?
    (intel macbook)

    I'm using the panasonic dv-gs250.
    I have the driver software/cd that came with the camera and i can't install it on the computer.

    The usb isn't allowing the computer to see the camcorder either.


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    Camcorders connected via USB on PC or Mac will always transfer at an inferior quality cause USB can't sustain the high speed required for DV.

    I would highly recommend you getting a 4pin to 6pin Firewire cable and connecting your Cam to the Mac. There are no drivers required. Just plug both ends, and fire up iMovie or whatever it is you want to import your video with. High quality DV only with Firewire...

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    no firewire port
    The camcorder doesn't have a firewire port...

    Any other ideas?


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    Yes, please any answers? I have the exact same Minicam, really need a driver that works!

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    Quote Originally Posted by etoilebleu View Post
    The camcorder doesn't have a firewire port...
    Are you sure about it? It looks like a recent model camera and it's hard to believe that it doesn't have FW... I found that cable for that camera...

    If that it's true and that camera has no FW i am afraid that u just cant use it with a mac...
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    Firewire port
    It does have a firewire port. Flip open the screen and it's the one marked DV.

    Saying that I still can't get it to download my movies. I have tried iMovie but it just won't work. Any help would be appreciated.

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    PPC Mini, 10.4.11. Intel Mini, 10.6.8. MacBook Pro, 10.10.5. iPhone 3GS.
    I have tried iMovie but it just won't work.
    Which version of iMovie? How are you trying to download from your camcorder?

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