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    Jan 30, 2007
    IMporting movie into iMove '06
    Have a small problem. I went out and purchased Ilife '08 and think its great for the most part.

    But i wanted to apply a theme and some extra effects to a project to i reopened iMovie HD (06) and imported video footage from iMovie events. These events were originally imported from my HDD camera using iMovie 08. They import fine, with sound and picture except that the picture...which should be widescreen, appears pinched to fit into 4:3. Have tried it with and without automatix letterbox/pillarbox on and also in varying project formats but it always appears Pinched. I'm new to FCE but i did try import it there and it came in ok with full widescreen. But i need to get it done quickly and want to use iMovie HD as its what i know.

    Can anyone give me any help?

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    was the camera you imported it from filmed in widescreen ?

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    Jan 30, 2007
    Yea, filmed in widescreen and viewed in widescreen in iMovie 08 and FCE 3.5. But i have some plugine effects in imovie 06 i want to use and when i import it from events it pinches the picture

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