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    movie clips in iphoto imported into imovie 08
    I have just installed iLife 08, then using iMovie 08 there is an option in the center left side saying iPhoto Videos. When I click on iPhoto Videos I get the message “No matching video. Choose a different option from the Show pop-up menu at the lower left corner”

    I have chosen the option Show: All Clips.

    Now I do have video clips in iPhoto but nothing is showing in Imovie

    Have anyone else had the same problem

    What am i doing wrong?


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    bump. I have this same problem.

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    I am also having this problem. In addition, I get that error message when I tried to import video from my old computer. It imports the video and takes about 18 minutes due to the size, but will not display it once it is imported. Just says "No matching video". The videos will open in Quicktime, just not imovie.

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