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    macbook vs. macbook pro for editing
    I am trying to decide between the black macbook and macbook pro. I will be doing editing with final cut as well. I am getting a display so the 13" screen isn't a problem, in fact I would really prefer the smaller screen and easier portability. I would get 2gig of ram on the macbook and macbook pro, and possibly an external drive for more space.

    So it all boils down to 2.16GHz with the macbook or 2.2GHz with the pro. (I don't want to spend so much for the 2.4GHz.) So I am debating if the 2" more (that I don't need) and .04GHz is worth the approx. $300. Will those GHz make that big of a difference in editing?

    In probably two years I will be upgrading and really indulging in my editing. So should I go with the macbook and save for a future upgrade, or do I NEED to get the pro because of editing?

    thank you!

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    i used my macbook all summer in conjuction with final cut express editing uncompressed HD footage with no problem. if you are planning on getting final cut pro, i would recommend getting a hefty hard drive, as this is not a small app. maxed out with 2 gigs of ram will be fine, as my macbook is a 1.83 CD with 1.5 gig of ram.

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