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    HELP! How do i overlap the audio in my video with a picture???
    ok i know how to record audio from my computer and/or import a mp3 file into imovie and have overlapping pictures accompanying the audio file ...

    i know how to do that

    but how can i make a picture overlap my video so that i can stil hear the audio in my video but have the picture overlap a certain part of the video at a certain frame?

    when i try to drag my picture into a different layer , it just snaps back to the grid...argh so frustrating

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    iMovie only has one video layer (correct me if im wrong havent used it in months) if you want multiple video layers you need final cut express

    alternatively slice the video layer, cut out the section that you dont want, and paste in the picture that you want to replace. You will have to unlink the sound and video though so that when you cut out the video clip you leave the sound layer alone.

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