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Thread: Video Editing on MacBook

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    Video Editing on MacBook
    I am in the market for a new Mac. Among the more demanding tasks, I would like to be able to efficiently transfer video from a video camera to the Mac and edit in iMovie, and also use EyeTV to record video to transfer to an iPod.

    Would a MacBook suffice (not really interested in a MacBook Pro) or do I need to go with an iMac?

    Thanks in advance.

    Great forums!

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    Transferring movies from a videocam to iMovie is flawless (with a firewire cable). As for your EyeTV thing I have no experience.

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    Elgato EyeTV 250 works perfectly on my C2D 2.16GHz MacBook. It does it's stuff while I surf the web. I edit content captured with it in iMovie 08 and send it off to my iPod with no problems. No kernel panics, no restarts and very few beachballs so far.
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