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    Quicktime not working in Safari Beta...
    Hi all

    I've downloaded the Safari beta and have found that quicktime isn't working with it. When there is a quicktime movie on the page (for example, Apple Trailers) the quicktime bar loads as it would for an audio clip. There is nothing wrong with the audio, but the video is completely missing.

    How can I get quicktime working properly again??

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    Go to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins, and you'll see QuickTime Plugin.plugin and a duplicate called QuickTime Plugin.webplugin. Just delete QuickTime Plugin.webplugin, restart Safari, and it should work again.

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    something similar happened to me but whenever i try to watch a video on safari 3 beta, firefox, camino, or seamonkey the quicktime symbol comes up with a question mark in the middle and i have all the plugins and the latest version of quicktime

    does anyone know how to fix it?

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