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    computer wont discover camera, help
    I just bought myself a firewire for my JVC gr d770 camera. The problem is when i plug my camera into my imac, nothing happens. The computer doesn't discover the camera. Im new to all this camera stuff so i need serious help. Thanks in advance.

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    Sep 02, 2007
    please people i need help
    edit: sorry to bump so soon but i am dying

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    Is the camera turned on... sorry to ask such a simple Q!

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    Did you open iMovie and check for a camera? OSX does not make sounds and pop stuff up on the desktop like Windows when you plug in a device. Threw me off the first time I used OSX with cameras.

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    i i am in same situation, i have the 40GB version MG575AH , just bougght today.

    the sales showed me by plugging in USB to the computer and imovie found the cam. when i got home, using also imovie o8 i set everything up but nothing..........then i tried using thye craddle and firewire cable (cable not supplied) and once i hit play on the cam imovie asked me if i want to import the movie. i hit yes and then the whole movie plays and imports.

    so somehow it works, i just dont understand why it has to play the whole movie on the camera (and the lcd screen)

    anyway editing and saving with imovie and idvd was a blast, but imovie and idvd took about 30 minutes each to render and burn the disc with only about 25 minutes of video.

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    You sure are a demanding bugger. You're on a forum where people view it at their pace, not yours. Show some patience. Forty nine minutes isn't long.

    Anyhow, watch this tutorial at Apple and see if it answers your question. For instance perhaps you didn't switch the camera on properly which you'll see at teh beginning if I recall right. Also give it a minute to register with the system.

    Using System Profiler in the Utilities folder you can see if the camera is being seen.

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