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    Using MacbookPro as PVR
    Hello to all,
    I will be buying a Macbook Pro in Oct.
    My question is can I record a TV show from a Satelite Receiver using the Dvi/Toslink outputs into the Macbook's digital inputs?

    Does Apple have any software to help with this?
    Could I just set the laptop to wake up at a certain time and would it see the Dvi/Toslink input signal active and store this info to a certain Folder?

    This is the 3rd Forum I've asked this question because the other 2 gave me back no answers.
    I will use the Macbook Pro as the brains of a Music/video hub system and I can't see buying a PVR when the laptop can do so much more!

    thanks for your time,

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    If you want to use your Mac to record TV - you will need a TV Tuner.
    While there are a couple of others - Elgato is generally recognized as the leader in the field for Mac's. Their software is recognized as the best.

    There really are only two options - the 'EyeTV Hybrid' or the 'eyetv 250 plus'.
    Both of these have an analog and digital tuner built in. The Hybrid utilizes the CPU in your machine for encoding purposes, while the 250 plus has it's own built-in hadware encoder, thus taking some of the work load off your CPU.

    You connection options will be:
    1) antenna for your local over-the-air TV stations.
    2) the coax cable from your cable / satellite provider - you will only be able to tune the same stations that your TV can tune in without their converter box.
    3) from the converter box - using either composite (don't use this one) or s-video cable for the picture and connecting the standard RCA jacks for the sound

    All of these connections are made to the Tuner which is connected to your Mac, not directly to the Mac.

    The only Hi-def content you will be able to record will be from your local o-t-a stations. You will not get HD content froom your cable / satellite provider into your computer (at least not still in HD).
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