Hello friends,

need your help urgently, im tearing my hair out.

I have an iMAC Intel Dual with Windows media player, quicktime PRO, and flip4mac plugin. My wife is Bulgarian and has found a website www.bgtelevizor.net where she can watch Bulgarian tv over the internet, however I simply cant get it to display. Funnily enough, I also have Parallels with a WINXP SP2 installation on the MAC, and with windows media player 11 installed, the internet tv runs without any problems whatsoever. I have tried all sorts of different settings to try and get this to run from OS X, spent hours searching the net for forums to gather information, but I am getting nowhere....... slowly. Is there anyone out there who has had and fixed similar problems? I would really appreciate any support you could offer.

I thank you in advance for your suggestions.

With kind regards