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derek.nagle 08-27-2007 02:21 PM

what program should i use to burn VOB/IFO/BUP Files
i have a folder with these files in it, Toast says unsupported?
what other program?

terryxpress@yah 08-28-2007 08:30 AM

Those files are 'housekeeping' files, that give the DVD player instructions on what to do: on a commercial disc, notice how at the end of a movie it returns to the main menu, listing Play Movie, Bonus Features, Language (etc) - it 'knows' to do that because the housekeeping files act like a Basic computer program telling it to. the Vob.1.0.1 etc files are the actual video movie files.
More info is needed as to what you are actually doing eg wanting to rip a whole disc, or extract just the movie? Are you needing to use MTR and have you then used DVD2One?
With what you have given, I surmise you have dragged the Video-TS folder into Toast (set in Video_TS burn mode) and so get the message. That message is more a polite indication that it will be omitting those files, than an Error message.
Again, I don't know what/where/how the Video_TS file you are wanting to burn was "made/ripped/copied/whatever" - but do this : use the Select button (in the drag-into window) and navigate to the Video_TS file you want to burn, keep Clicking until the actual vob files are displayed THEN click Choose. Toast will take what it needs, and so now Click the red burn botton at the bottom. That will give you a disc that plays when you put it in, and just stops at the end - no other authoring.
Let me know what steps you are going through to get this Video_TS file you are burning, and what you actually want from the original disc, and I may be able to say more.

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