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    Importing video with iMac
    I just bought a new iMac and I'm looking for a way to import video from my old VHS tapes. Ideally I'd like to do this without purchasing new equipment (other than a cable from a VCR to USB or Firewire).

    As of now I have an old Dazzle AV/S-video --> USB cable. So if I could get the Mac to recognize it, I think that would work as well.



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    Best way... if you have a camcorder would be to utilize the camcorder as either a throughput Analogue to Digital converter and then capture via firewire as a non-controllable device or you could drop the VHS footage onto DV and then capture it as such. Straightforward and simple..

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    I don't have a DV cam. Really all I have as of now is what I've discussed in the first post.

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    Well.. give that a shot.. that PC stuff tends to only work with itself though. your other option is to buy a standalone DVD burner with RCA inputs and dub something to DVD and then deal with it there maybe

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    Hang on
    The steps here are :
    1. digitalizing the analog signal from the VHS tapes. What was suggested as one possible means was to play back from a camcorder, which will ouput a digital signal in dv file format, which you could capture in iDVD. Since you don't have a camcorder...
    but a DVD burner (external) isn't enough - firstly, the signal hasn't been digitalized, and a signal (even from a camcorder) has to be captured and 'prepared' ready for burning by software on the computer - and you can't go straight from a VHS to a computer peripheral external DVD player/burner (ie it's not an actual DVD Recorder in the real sense.)
    ...and if you want to hear something else informative but unhelpful to you:
    Depending on the quality (price), actual DVD recorders may have an S-Video input connector. If so, they would take a direct feed from an S-Video port on a VHS and the machine will digitalize it. At rock bottom, you could feed into the RCA plugs on the recorder...but you have no recorder, and the quality that way would hardly be worth it.
    But you don't have/want the expense of, a DVD recorder.
    Everything you're up against in what seems such a simple task you can read in How to Convert VHS to DVD by Bob Hudson at

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