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Thread: Best Way To Record a TV Show on My Mac

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    Best Way To Record a TV Show on My Mac
    Whats the best (aka most economical) way to record tv shows onto my mac?

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    You might want to try one of Elgato's products: Here is one of their cheapest solutions.

    You can find these on ebay for a lot cheaper too

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    TubeStick would probably be the cheapest way; however I do have the EyeTV Hybrid and I'm more than happy with it.

    EDIT: Nevermind; TubeStick won't work in the US. Elgato do US and EU versions, so you'll be best going that route.
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    Do you want to record analog or digital signals.
    For digital the EyeTV hybrid really is the way to go.
    For analog there are a few options.
    All options will require getting a tuner and an antenna or some other source for your signal.
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