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Thread: best video format when posting online?

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    best video format when posting online?
    Got some videos that I would like to add to my .mac web gallery. I recorded these on my digital camera. Original format of them was avi but each video was about 30 - 40mb (no more than a minute long. I converted using visual hub to mp4 with the 320 pixels and the H.264 option selected to save space. The videos are now no more than 2mb each. Now the problem is that these files dont play it says in safari that quicktime cannot play these files. But I can see the thumbnail of them? Whats the best format to use?


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    Probably the most universally accessible format at a small size would be flv or Flash video but .Mac doesn't have a flash video player.

    You may want to try just converting to an MP4, not H.264 and see if that helps.
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    yeah converting to just mp4 work a reat. Managed to get the videos down to 11mb each.

    cheers for that.

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