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Thread: Transitions in Final Cut Express HD

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    Transitions in Final Cut Express HD
    Alright, so I'm very new to final cut express. I'm attempting to add a transition between a still image and a video, although it won't allow me to add the transition so that it has half of the transition on the image, and the other half on the video. right now im just attempting to do a basic cross dissolve. it will only allow me to place the transition on the image portion, then the video just opens up abruptly

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    ok i think i can help you but its hard to explain and it doesn't say it in the manual. what you want to do is click the area where both clips come together in the time line. It will highlight both the image and the video end and the beginning of the other clip. Now press "U" on key bored and it will highlight the end of the clip in the time line, now press "-" and you will see a little box come up by the time line and put 15 and press enter, so it will say -15, and what this does is takes of 15 frames of the clip to make it able to drop a transition in. Now press the "U" again and type "+15" and press enter. That should let you drop the transition strait in. Hope it works.
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