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    Unhappy imovie08 problem importing files !!!
    i have recently bought the new imac 24" and am new to macs (so please bear with me), i was told imovie08 would work with the file format of .mod on the jvc harddisk camcorder i own, for some unknown reason imovie08 will import some files but only about half the files with no audio. i was recommended by apple to use 'visualhub' to convert the files to mp4 then imovie would import no problem. i have tried to do this and when i import into imovie all the files are corrupted i can see the video in the edit menu at the bottom but when i come to play the file it is all corrupted/breaking up, can anyone offer any suggestions? (apart from buying a dv camcorder)

    someone said macs were so user freindly !!!!

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    well im sorry to hear that. me, as a JVC and mac user, i dont have iMovie '08, but my JVC GZ-HD7 writes .TOD files, which dont work well with iMovie. Something you could TRY is downloading mplayer for mac (free) and then changing the file name from .MOD to .mpg. open it in mplayer and you should get audio and video, which you then can import to imovie.

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