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Thread: Handbrake - Lip Sync problems

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    Handbrake - Lip Sync problems
    Any handbrake experts out there?

    On windows I always used DVD decrypter and videora to put my DVD's on my ipod and it worked fine. Yesterday I tried handbrake for the first time on my MB, I was initially very impressed with the interface and the speed but when I loaded them onto my pod I had a quite significant lip sync problem. Is this a problem with the program or are there settings I can change to rectify it?

    I had 2 attempts with the 2 pass option on and off but no change



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    I worked at a tv station and I had to fix lip sync problems all the time. They would send us something and I would have to re sync it. I used final cut to do that. I bet you could fix that in imovie.

    I have used Handbrake for about a year and I have never seen that.
    (I'm assuming these are homemade dvds that you are putting on your ipod.) Try importing at 100% constant quality.

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