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    DVD regions on MAC

    Thinking to switch to a MAC after many years of using Windows PCs, and I have a few (actually a lot) of questions to answer before I make the final move.

    One of them is regarding DVDs and regions. I have lived for many years in USA so I have a lot of DVDs from region 1. Now I am living in the UK and I have acquired many DVDs from region 2. On my PC I have installed a little software called region free wich allows me to watch whatever region DVDs I want. Is there something similar for MACs?

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    no, wouldn't recommend you try regionfree software on your mac.

    instead when you buy it, dont assign a region to the DVD drive.

    Instead download VLC player which can play all regions.

    I'm watching european as well as US DVD on my mac..

    love it.. you will never regret switching.. i know i havent, and going on 6 months now.
    iMac 2.16ghz, 3gb, 250gb HD, 24 inch screen

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    Does the VLC player work well with the new MacBook Pro's? Bought mine during the first week of october. The MBP 2.4ghz. Cuz i've been hearing that they have issues either with the new MBPs or the new DVD drives that are on the MBPs.

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    they work fine with vlc
    p.s cant belive you payed for region free for windows

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    Quote Originally Posted by northy124 View Post
    they work fine with vlc
    p.s cant belive you payed for region free for windows
    "they work fine with vlc" - is this regarding the new MacBook Pros? sorry. Kinda confused cause of the region free message.

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