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Thread: HD Camcorder & HD Burning & Videography?

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    HD Camcorder & HD Burning & Videography?
    Hey guys,
    I am new to the world of Mac and video editing. I have worked with iMovie several times, and I just bought a MacBook and along with Final Cut Express. I do not even have my own video camera yet, but I am browsing the market. I am thinking about an HD camera from jvc. The GZ-HD3 hard drive camcoreder to be exact. This model comes out in October so I still have some time to make my decision. In your opinion is an HD camera necessary? I would really like the better quality, but then there is the problem of burning it. Because MacBooks do not have HD burners I would not be able to burn HD disks (Can you still burn DVDs with video in HD format?). So do you think that the HD feature would be a waste? Also, I have heard that JVC cameras do not work the best with Mac computers. Does anyone know if this rumor is true?
    Like I said I am new to videography (but would like to get serious), so I am open to any suggestions for video camera's, editing advice, or anything else you would like to share. I would like a pretty good camera to get me started ($1500 max)

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    The difference in quality between high def and standard dv video is amazing!

    You can capture and export high def right here, right now.

    Then in the future when you get a high def burner you can burn that exported high def video to high def dvd disc.

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    What Del said...

    Also you should check out the final cut forum. Very knowledgeable people there that can answer all your questions about what cams work and all that...

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