My Canon ZR800 was working with iMovie, happy as could be.

Suddenly my Mac won't recognize the camera. I have tried resetting the date and time on the camera, power cycling everything, rebooting the mac, switching firewire ports, etc.

There are a few variables between when it was working, and when it stopped. The first is, I acquired an M-Audio FireWire Solo interface, installed the driver, and started using it. Since I have used the M-Audio device, the Mac will not recognize the camera. I am not trying to use both devices at the same time.

The second variable is, just before my first failed attempt to connect the ZR800, I had connected my iPod. Realizing that the camera may not be able to "coexist" with another firewire device, I disconnected the iPod and tried the camera in either port. Still not working.

I know it's not just iMovie, because iChat won't recognize the camera either, which it did before. The camera seems to think it is connected, because it blinks "DV-IN."

The cable situation: I had been using a 4 to 6 pin cable that came with an audio device. It was working fine. When it stopped working I tried a duplicate of the same cable to no avail. Is this a cable issue? If so, why was it working before?

I just bought the camera for a specific project and am totally bufuddled as to why it was working fine, and now suddenly isn't recognized. Please help!