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Thread: Movie's and iTunes

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    Movie's and iTunes
    Here's what I am trying to do. I'm on Tiger, and iTunes. I want to import all my movies on my hard drive into iTunes, not for ipod video or iphone, just so all my media is there (Quite good with DVD cover on coverflow with all my movies). Now obviously cannot import .avi files and only .mov. I have looked into using Quicktime to create a reference .mov, but this is very time consuming. Is there any way around it. I have tried Movie2iTunes as well, but for some reason it just doesn't work. Can anyone help on how to get around this, and import my .avi files.

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    I don't think itunes will play nicely with the .avi's even if you get them to import.

    I use a program call VisualHub and it will convert your .avi's to .mp4 which I tunes will play with just fine. Still a nice compact file, and it goes pretty fast, as long as you don't make it h.264 encoded.

    The program costs about $25.00, but it is soooooo worth it. I have converted more stuff now.

    A second way is to use VLC media player to convert from .avi to .mp4...also fairly fast. About 20 minutes for a 2 hour movie on a Core 2 Duo iMac.

    Here are the Instructions on how to do it...same instructions, just replace the .bin with .avi...



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