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    What's up guys,
    I am brand new to the Mac and video editing world (Although I have worked with iMovie). I just bought a MacBook and Final Cut Express HD. I am now wondering if I should have gone with Final Cut Pro. I know there are some more options in FCP, but because I am new to video editing would it be better just to stick with Express? Is there a big difference between the editing options and learning curve between the two? I would eventually like to get into the advaced editing of Pro, but would the transition to Pro be easier if I work with Express first? I also heard rumors that my MacBook (2GB of ram) cannot handle FCP this true? Please just let me know what you think. Thanks!

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    Since you are pretty much brand new to video editing FCE should suit your needs pretty well. As far as a learning curve, FCE works pretty much the same as FCP minus some features. The big difference is in the additional software that comes with the FCP Suite. Since you are new to video editing I don't think you'll need be needing pro apps like Color, Soundtrack Pro, etc. Those are new programs amongst themselves and require an even steeper learning curve.

    In conclusion, FCE should do you fine. Once you get into doing serious work that will require the use of the entire FCP suite then go ahead and upgrade. I'm personally using FCE as of right now and I plan to upgrade to FCP once I'm out of college and doing my own indie films.
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    I used FCP for two years at college, and FCE at home... there wasn't a single thing I did in those 2 years in FCP that I couldn't do in FCE so you should be fine.

    The major differences besides the extra software is hardware compatibility, and some features that would come in handy when making full feature action films, but not so much for anything else. Unless you plan on getting a full featured, profesional post-production suite, FCE will be fine.
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    Thanks, I really appreciate the advice!

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    yea i had fce and upgrade after 5 months. It wont be much use to you if you don't need the special things that it offers. I run fcp5 on my powerbook with 2gb ram and it runs fine, event motion and dvd studio pro. But a macbook doesn't run fcp well, and wont run color.
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